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The Relationship Coach Show

The Relationship Coach Show is a podcast and community of impactful relationship coaches with profitable practices


Jun 4, 2021

how should relationship coaches use narrative therapy in their coaching rooms? What tips does a filmmaker have about seeing beyond the clients' story?

Alex is a Mindful Intimacy Catalyst, merging the science of Storytelling and the spirituality of Quantum Physics to reach transcendental orgasmic states.

"After 10 years in Filmmaking & Advertising, now I work with individuals and couples through narrative-based coaching to uncover their true Self-image and craft a Life Story they're proud to share. Spiritual-scientific-sexuality is my absolute passion and I intuitively combine decades of studies in NLP, psychology, neuroscience, somatic healing, emotional integration, shadow work, trauma healing, DNA BioRegenesis & Keylontic Morphogenetic Physics to offer bespoke, tangible Mind/Body/Spirit practices for anyone who's willing to do the Self-development."

Find alex at or on instagram @directedbyalex